Tuesday, March 31, 2009

new face: OWEN

GED has made an exception and signed my first boy, 17 year old surfer Owen Kaestner. Hailing from my own hometown of St.Thomas, scouted by Hannah's mom Debi, and even a surf buddy of my Dad's, Owen is a perfect addition to the GED lineup. When he isn't down in the Caribbean, he lives in Montauk with his mom and their Golden Lab. Can't you see the Bruce Weber shoot already?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I know that you know the modeling industry but I know dogs!:) There is no such thing as a "Golden Lab"; it's either a "Yellow Labrador Retriever"(shorter coat) OR a "Golden Retriever"(longer hair coat). Bruce, by the way, owns at least 6 Golden Retrievers.

ginny said...

Haha, thanks for the schooling! I actually grew up with labs myself - two yellow, one chocolate, and one black. I must have combined the breeds in my mind to convey the feeling of the photos I was imagining... ;)